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MW Analyzer (Client)

Mobile Witness Analyzer is a powerful tool for examining the effectiveness and efficiency of a business or organization’s vehicles. Formerly known as the “Playback Analysis Software,” Mobile Witness Analyzer improves upon its predecessor through an integration with Google Maps.
Users can view the paths of vehicles on a Google map while simultaneously viewing up to 4 channels of video playback from the MDVR. In addition, Mobile Witness Analyzer also provides users with variables such as sensor events, alarm triggers, door open/close, speed, G-force, and other information that may be of use in assessing a fleet’s operations.

Mobile Witness Analyzer is a powerful solution for any fleet that needs to operate at maximum efficiency.The software allows public transit, charter, pupil transport, agricultural, and even armed forces fleet managers to observe variables that may interfere with operations, pick shorter paths, or identify mistakes and problems that could wind up costing the organization both time and money.

Key Features:

  • – Client Software
  • – Remote View
  • – Playback synchronized video and audio
  • – Google Map Interface
  • – Breadcrumb history trail
  • – Remotely set up your Mobile DVR
  • – Back our proprietary video files to AVI
  • – Inertial Sensor Data
  • – Temperature Reading
  • – Speed Readout when using GPS