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MobileLink (CMS)


KNOW | Mobilelink is the next generation Fleet Management solution that allows you to see real-time locations of all yourfleet vehicles and stream live video and audio directly to your computer. The easy to use Web Based interface allows 24 hour access to your fleet. The playback function gives you access to your vehicles past location. Review the speed, address, breadcrumb trail and recorded video from your vehicle.

SEE | One mouse click gives you live streaming video. Video from up to 8 cameras can be sent live over your 3G or 4G network for real time situational awareness.

HEAR | Mobilelink gives users the ability to hear and communicate with two way
audio communication.

RESPOND | The Mobilelink enterprise user management system will allow
different users special or restricted access to your fleet. Receive SMS or email alerts
for over-speed events, route deviations, G-Force Alarms,restricted zone violations.

No Software to install. No Servers to maintain.

Key Features:

  • – Realtime GPS Tracking
  • – Updates every 3 seconds
  • – GeoFence alarms and notifications
  • – Reverse Geocoding
  • – Easy to use Web Based Interface
  • – Live Streaming Video
  • – 2 Way Audio
  • – Monitor 1,000’s of Vechiles
  • – Multiple User levels
  • – Email and SMS Event notifications
  • – Built on SQL 2008 Database
  • – Driver and Vehicle Reports