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Auto Download (Server)

The ADS automatically downloads the video from the mobile DVR via wireless or a hardwired network connection. The process is as simple as configuring the Mobile DVR firmware to distribute the video to a specific IP address. Once setup, the Mobile DVR will push video to the ADS when the ignition of the vehicle has been turned off, eliminating the need to individually download the event or video information to the server. Auto Download is perfect for applications where time is in short supply. Emergency response, fleet lines, charter lines, law enforcement, and public transit vehicles can all benefit from the software’s ability to automatically download video to a central location.

Key Features:

    • – Automatically downloads video
    • – Runs as a Windows Service
    • – Encrypted Data Transfer
    • – Connects via Wifi or Wired network
    • – Resumes download if interrupted
    • – Scheduled Downloading
    • – Event or all video download
    • – First in First our Video Management
    • – Playback video with MWA Software