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Mobile Witness MDVRs are stocked with only the highest quality software. Each application is specifically engineered to enhance the functionality of the device, thereby making maintaining and upgrading units completely painless.

Please take a closer look at our exceptional software. (Make sure to consult the product matrices to find which application is offered for specific devices.)


(Client Software)

The Mobile Witness Analyzer allows administrators to review virtually every aspect of a vehicle, squad, or fleet’s trip. Thanks to our latest integration, route, travel time, speed, up to 4 channels of video, and other variables are presented and plotted on a Google map. To find out more about this powerful application, please click here.


The web based Mobilelink software provides administrators with all the details of a vehicle or fleet’s trip in real time. Speed, direction, live video, and other variables are displayed on a GPS-plotted map. Please click here to find out more about Mobilelink.

Auto Download

The Auto Download software allows administrators to load applications and updates on multiple MDVRs with ease and efficiency. Units download information directly from the server depending upon time, vehicle indentification number, and other user-defined criteria.