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Student Accountability System


  • Real-time, searchable student manifest across entire fleet
  • Text messages to parents indicating where/when their child boarded or left the bus
  • Automated alerts when students are left on the bus at the end of the run
  • Live tracking by bus or by student
  • Active alerts triggered by driver panic button
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly ridership and route reports
  • Easy-to-use scan technology for simple, fast student boarding
  • User-friendly web-based software
  • Rugged transportation-grade equipment for lasting use

Peace of Mind You Can Afford

The Student Accountability System™ gives parents and administrators peace of mind by providing the ability to locate students in the transportation system in real time. Each time students enter or exit a bus, they scan their ID card in front of an RFID card reader. This information can be used by administrators to find out who is on a bus in case of an emergency, locate a missing student, generate ridership reports, and more. And if our system detects that a student has been left on the bus at the end of the run, alerts are sent so the student can be found immediately

Using the information collected by the card readers, school districts can also provide parents with text messages indicating exactly where and when their child boarded or left the bus. Surveys suggest that most parents would be willing to pay a minimal monthly subscription fee for this service; such fees can not only pay for the entire cost of the system, but can also provide additional income for the school district, making it possible to fund a more secure ride without pulling from already-tight budgets.

The Student Accountability System uses the transportation-grade technology of the Mobile Witness™ Mobile DVR, which also allows for additional capabilities such as on-board cameras (for recording or live feeds), active and passive GPS tracking, and automated maintenance and safety alerts (such as when tire pressure is low or when erratic driving is detected). We are the only company in the market today that can provide all of these technologies with a single system, thereby increasing your benefits, lowering your total cost of ownership, and improving your ROI.