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Card Access

The mobile witness card access solution allows you to log the driver of the vehicle and tag their name to each video file.  The login process is controlled by a proprietary secure ID card assigned to each driver. Every time the driver enters the car, he presents his ID card to a card reader installed in the vehicle.  The mobile DVR then tags the video with the driversname for future video evidentiary purposes.

Card ProgrammerThe Mobile Witness Card Reader connects to PC via USB and programs the ID Card to be used with the
Card Reader.  Programming the card enables the
Mobile DVR to search via Driver.


Card ReaderThe Card Reader reads the card while being mounted in the vehicle.  The Card reader communicates with the Mobile DVR and enables the Mobile DVR to search the video by driver.




ID CardThe ID Card stores the information of the driver after being programmed. The ID Card is swiped on the Card Reader inside the vehicle.  The information is then passed to the Mobile DVR, and enables the video to be searched by Driver.