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Law Enforcement

Key Features

  • Rugged, all-metal housing with easy-access control panel for front camera
  • Local monitor with control panel and LED array for Mobile DVR
  • Wireless microphone with up to 1200ft in-line range
  • Built-in mirror recording and automated wireless download to server
  • Ability to enable interaction with third-party hardware such as 3G/4G AirCards, PTZ cameras, radar guns, OBDII port, remote panic buttons, or almost any RS232/RS485 device
  • Pre- and post-event recording
  • Multi-channel audio mixing
  • In-car client software for video classification
  • Firmware designed with features specific to law enforcement
  • Automated functions to record only when needed (e.g., light bar on, rear seat occupied, officer draws weapon) and from only the channels that are needed
  • Health reporting for both fleet vehicles and MWLE equipment

Critical Support for Officers in the Field

Mobile Witness™ for Law Enforcement (MWLE) provides a comprehensive solution with critical features designed to support law enforcement personnel in the field. MWLE enables local recording, remote live view monitoring, and automated fleet health reporting, all in a single, easy-to-use system. With ruggedized equipment, automated recording and downloads, pre- and post-event recording, in-car software for video classification, and other features designed for law enforcement, officers can focus on performing their jobs and staying safe instead of worrying about event recording, video downloads, and equipment maintenance.

Among other mission-critical features, MWLE allows for live remote feeds, as well as up to 60 minutes of pre- and post-event recording. For example, when an officer makes a traffic stop, a crash may occur on the street in front of her, or an unrelated incident in the area may lead to an officer-involved shooting. When something like this happens, the officer can use any system trigger to start recording, and the Mobile Witness Mobile DVR will retrieve up to 60 minutes of video prior to the trigger, providing critical information that can help investigators determine what led up to the event.

MWLE has a number of additional features designed specifically for law enforcement use, such as in-car software to enable post-event video classification (e.g., DUI/OUI, felony, moving violation) and classification-based rules to make managing videos easier. Automated health monitoring makes law enforcement agencies aware of mechanical problems and maintenance issues, helping agencies to be proactive with fleet maintenance. And software development in the USA by American engineers makes it easier to incorporate user needs and feedback into the system for improvements.